Credit Summit 2014

Posted on March 18, 2014 by Narek Vardanyan | no comments

Peachy is excited about this year’s credit summit. It is one of the most interesting dates on the credit year’s calendar. It is the UK’s largest credit industry event and it is essentially a conference where everyone in the industry will meet to discuss what is happening. Key issues to be discussed include car finance, alternative lending and debt advice.  There will also be an economic update at the panel to show the industry how well the economy is doing and how well placed their businesses are within the framework of the economy.  There will also be a trade credit conference and an exhibition to see during the Summit.

Credit Summit 2014

Kristjan Novitski, the CEO of Peachy, said: “There are just three weeks to go until the Credit Summit at London’s QEII Conference Centre. I’ll be speaking at the event, which now has more than 600 credit and insolvency professionals registered to attend.” The Summit is organised by Credit Today, one of the leading authorities on credit in the UK. Peachy is happy to be represented at the Summit by our CEO.

The Credit Summit will be held in London on the 3 April 2014. It is guaranteed to be jam-packed with information about how we can do better for you.


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